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Soft gel science


Do you take fish oil supplements? Coenzyme Q10? You might not realize it, but a surprising amount of science – and art – goes into those soft gelatin capsules many of us take every day.

Fish oil and other popular and highly beneficial dietary supplements must be taken in liquid form to be effective; other supplements, like Coenzyme Q10, start out as powders, but the body best absorbs them as a suspension (that is, tiny particles suspended in liquid). Soft gels are a convenient, palatable way for consumers to take both of these kinds supplements. The gel also stabilizes the liquids and gives the supplements longer shelf life.

Our Nurilite brand alone sells about a billion soft gels a year – and demand is such that more soft gel capacity is under construction at an Amway complex in Ada, Mich.

In fact, if you think about it, dietary supplements wouldn’t be the same without these popular little capsules.

It takes exacting employees and the industry’s best technology to get the quality of soft gels precisely right. Click here to learn more about the art and science of making them for Nutrilite on Amway StartUp.

Phyto song

Most of us know how many fruits and vegetables we need to eat daily, but it’s really difficult to choose a healthy diet in real life. And getting your kids to eat enough sometimes feels impossible.

That’s why the public relations team at Amway Korea created the Phyto Song, a project to celebrate the Nutrilite 80th anniversary as well as raise awareness of phytonutrients, the natural chemicals found in many plant foods that often give them their color and provide health benefits.

The Phyto Song makes it fun to learn about getting your daily dose, and it especially helps children understand the benefits of phytonutrients. Besides, everybody loves dance songs in Korea, right? (Don’t forget “Dreaming,” another song by Amway Korea inspired by “Gangnam Style”)

The song’s theme is “5.1.3” — which means you should eat “5″ different colors of phytonutrient-filled foods every “1″ day for “3″ meals. Amway Korea and the Korean Nutrition Society launched the “5.1.3” campaign two years ago, aiming to make people to be more mindful of the colors of their meals on a daily basis. MP4 files of the song have been given to Korean Amway Business Owners and it is shown to visitors at 19 Amway Plazas in Korea each day.

Korea’s famous badminton player and 2008 Beijing Olympic gold medalist Yongdae Lee stars as lead singer for the song with five teenagers serving as the backup singers. As a Team Nutrilite member, Lee has been using Nutrilite for the last seven years.

“For public health campaign, it’s really important to engage people from a very early age,” said Dr. Yanghee Cho, Amway Korea’s R&D and corporate communications director. “The Phyto Song is Amway Korea’s first public initiative for phytonutrient awareness both for parents and kids. We hope children can naturally understand the need for eating fruits and vegetable every day.”

The song uses a lot of imitative words – such as “shook shook”, or “ssak ssak” – to express the fun of eating fruits and vegetables for little children. It also describes the benefit of each phytonutrient color. For example, red fruits and vegetables are good for your skin health, yellow is good for your vascular health and so on.

You can check out the song in its original version on Youtube or see a version with the English subtitles here.

Brisbane & Townsville BDS

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Business Developement Seminars have just been confirmed for Brisbane Saturday August 9th & Townsville Sunday August 10th

Brisbane vs 88349

Location  Springwood Hotel, Springwood
Date 9th August
TIME. 12 noon for those who have completed step 5
2pm general session
Speaker. Craig Deane


Townsville vs 88348
Location RSL Townsville
Date 10th August
Time 12 noon for those who have completed step 5
2pm general session
Speaker. Craig Deane

Tickets are now available from IDA


10 July 2014

Seed stories


Did you know Amway can trace more than 90 percent of the functional plant-based ingredients used in our Nutrilite dietary supplements all the way back to their farm source?

That’s important, because while many of the plant-based ingredients are grown on our organic farms, we are unable to grow all of them ourselves. Some require special region-specific growing conditions, like the glacial fjords off the coast of Iceland that produce the naturally calcified seaweed used in the Nutrilite Cal Mag D Plus.

Ingredients like these are wildcrafted – that is, they are harvested from a defined natural or wild area that is not actively cultivated. Amway uses strict guidelines to help ensure that ingredients used by Nutrilite are harvested using sustainable practices that do not diminish the existence or productivity of the wild botanical.

In fact, Amway ensures that every botanical ingredient supplier meets our requirements for sustainable farming practices that benefit the environment and positively affect people. They are also smart business practices that provide assurance of quality control. These requirements go back to the principles of Nutrilite founder Carl Rehnborg – and all suppliers must rigorously document their compliance.

Want to know more about the traceability of Nutrilite supplement ingredients? Click here for the full story at Amway StartUp.

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FEC Update

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 Ahoy there Winners!

Our Annual Event, Free Enterprise, is THE event where all the organisations come together at the one location. In this environment we collectively share the success, learn and associate whilst we set our sails for an exciting PY2015!

We all know there are some massive incentives on the table in our business for the coming year, so lets congregate, celebrate and actively participate in our future, together!

You’ve all had the dates, but here they are again, along with some basic Event Info for the weekend to help you with your planning


WHEN: FEC 2014 Fri October 24-Sun October 26

WHERE: MCEC (Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre) 1 Convention Centre Place, South Wharf Vic Australia 3006

WHAT’S ON: Fri 24th Eagle/Silvers Event 7PM. SAT 25th All Day General Sessions (3) 10am-11pm. SUN** 26th 9%+ Leadership Event 1030am-1230pm. Special Double Eagle Lunch with Speakers and Diamonds from 1pm. (All times approximate)

TICKETS: FEC 2014 VS 88347 Early Bird Ticket $185 available now. 2 payment Instalment plan along with other pricing details and cut off times available next week. “VERY SPECIAL NEWBIE DEAL ALSO TO BE ANNOUNCED NEXT WEEK”

Winter Conferences around the country are done, and now our focus shifts to FEC 2014. Get on Board, this event will float your boat!!

Stay tuned for the update next week.

The IDA Team

** Sunday Non Denominational Fellowship Service 8.30am-10am

(Note that this service is not part of the FEC 2014 programme, there is no entry charge, and attendance is entirely optional)


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Hi Guys

We will be having lunches/dinners with Pizza at the BDS functions at the end of the month. To qualify for these sessions, which will also be a leadership meeting, planning the next steps for qualifying for Hong Kong and The Crystal Symphony, you have to have completed step 5 by the function. The sessions will be as follows

Auckland will be this weekend for those that are up to step 5

Darwin will be dinner at 5:30 pm on the 26th of this month

Melb will be at 11 am on Sun 3rd August at the Coburg centre

Other locations we will work out with those in The HIP Group team that qualify

Come join us and take an important step to getting on board the Crystal Symphony